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To my Fellow Foster Mamas on the Hard Days...

Mama friends,

It’s ok to not feel ok. It’s ok to not want to be with your child/children 24/7. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. It’s ok to be honest about that. It. Is. Ok. Mothering, or parenting really, isn’t a sprint to see who comes out the fastest, most worn and who holds all the accolades of perfection. #itwontbeme #dontworry

You don’t need Pinterest photos, recipes, class crafts. You don’t have to cook every meal like that other mom you know and she doesn’t have to play outside with her kids every afternoon like you do. We are each given our own gifts. We’re each given our specific children for a reason.

This is a race of endurance. A marathon. A day at a time. It’s humbling. It will halt us. It can free us. One minute we want to pinch their heads off and in the next breath,

we can’t imagine what we did before them.

Y’all, can we just be more open and honest with each other in this arena?

Can we offer more grace and encouragement when a friend speaks up about her struggle?

Can we point her back to Jesus and remind her that he loves her first, and we love her too?

In the heavy days, please know... you’re not alone. We see you. God sees you. You are loved abundantly. And you’re doing a great job.

-courtesy of one of our local foster moms, Erin Wainwright

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