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Your Yes

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

When we said yes to a sibling group recently we knew there would be some transitions that weren’t our normal. First of all we said we weren’t taking any more children over the summer... funny how God changed that. Then that yes led to a much bigger yes, which also meant the children would come in shifts.

One came... then we would have almost a month before the other would be able to be in our home. (And still one to come, if y’all want to throw up some extra prayers about that.) We prayed a lot during that time about the dynamics and how our home would function. This second child is almost the exact age of our #Hoss (And he didn’t get that nickname for nothing 😳). Two boys the same age hasn’t always worked in our favor but we felt called to these children so we knew only God could make it work.

We prayed. We had friends praying. Since “G” has been here it has been one of the smoothest transitions we’ve ever had. I could literally feel the prayers happening as these two boys became fast friends. Tonight, almost 2 weeks after moving here, “G” was telling God what he was thankful for. Hampton, aka #Hoss was at the top of his list.

Y’all, when God calls you to be obedient and you’re scared to death, please rest assured that He’s got it. He has laid out the plan and the path. He knows you’re scared. He knows all your worries. He also knows the goodness in store on the other side of your obedience. Your yes. #justsayyes #jumpwithbothfeet

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