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Humble Pie

apple pie

This pie. It doesn’t look like much... but it’s pretty significant. You see, our sweet 12 year old made it. It was a group effort between the 3 girls in the house...but M pretty much handled it all on her own. We even managed to make our crust (which if y’all know me was quite the feat).

So what’s significant about an apple pie? It signifies initiative, inclusion, and a sense of worth in a child that has struggled her whole life to know she's special. I was terrified to take in an older kid. Satan was fighting hard to keep me from saying yes. He still is, but he doesn’t have the power over the decisions I make for my family. By saying yes, I’ve seen a kid who has jumped in whole heartedly to being a “big sister”, who takes initiative in playing with her new siblings, who tracks points for them when they eat all their food so she can buy them prizes with her own money.

She includes everyone and thinks of others. She helped lead worship at VBS this week and was a rock star who loved on everyone around her. She, by worldly standards, has every reason to be angry and bitter and yet, she’s just not. I’ve seen her transform from a guarded and somewhat rude tween to a girl who wants to show others she loves Jesus. She was so proud of her pie y’all and honestly, so was I. It’s good. Really good.

This pie was hard for me, (I’m just not a baker), and It was a hard and humbling week. I had to completely start over mentally and give my angst to God instead of taking it out on my kids. The ones He entrusted me with. I was so blindsided by the ugliness of this world and the foster system and the hurt that people cause each other that it was making me ugly. I was resentful and that’s not a good place to be as a mama and a wife. So I had some humble pie this week and I prayed and started over and God showed me His redemptive love and grace yet again.

Tonight, looking at this pie, I see my life. A mess of different things that have come together to make something beautiful. A little rough around the edges, and a little sour like those apples, but when mixed with the good stuff like the Holy Spirit and love, the end result is pretty amazing. Thanks to our sweet M who has taught me to be fearless and to step out of my comfort zone. Thanks to our Savior for loving me even in my sin, and for a husband who stands with me and is for me every step of this crazy journey. To Him be the glory. He’s still at work with this mess of me and I can’t wait to see what the next yes will bring.

*This story is a snapshot into the life of our local foster mama, Misty Preston. We thank her for sharing her story with the Foster Bridge!*

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